Sean C. Goodlett

I first came to the University in the fall of 2001 after completing a doctorate in early modern European intellectual history at the University of Oregon. My undergraduate training was in classics and European history, and on the way to a Ph.D. I earned a Master’s degree in British literature and a second M.A. in early modern British history. 

For thirteen years, I was faculty at Fitchburg State University, where I have taught a wide variety of history courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Since earning tenure, I also served as the Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning, the President of the Faculty and Librarians, and chair of the Economics, History, and Political Science Department.

In the summer of 2014, I was asked to step in as the Interim Dean following the retirement of the longtime library director, Robert Foley. Since then, it has been my pleasure to serve as the head of the University’s library.

I view libraries as the heart of the academy. They are, of course, physical and digital spaces dedicated to the preservation and advancement of knowledge. But they are also a place where meaningful conversations occur and ideas are taken seriously.

Welcome to our library. Come join the conversation!

Sean C. Goodlett
Interim Dean of the Library and Academic Support Centers