Welcome to Amelia V. Gallucci-Cirio Library!  Our library is the intellectual commons of Fitchburg State University – the place where our community learns and works together in physical and virtual spaces.  

The library is student-focused. We invite all our students to:

   •  Make it a regular habit to study and work in the library. Good time management skills are essential for student success. Make the library your place to get things done!

   •  Be curious! Discover the tremendous resources (books, journals, databases, films – physical and online) offered by the library and incorporate those resources into your class projects.

   •  Seek the guidance of a librarian at every stage of your research.  Librarians are here to assist you in accessing and using information effectively for academic success, research, and lifelong learning.

The library is a partner in the educational mission of Fitchburg State.  We invite our faculty and staff to:

   •  Utilize our collections for your scholarship, teaching and personal growth. 

   •  Collaborate with a librarian to incorporate library collections and services into curricular and co-curricular experiences for our students.

   •  Work with a librarian to embed information literacy learning into your courses and assignments.

Visit the Amelia V. Gallucci-Cirio Library - in person and online - and explore how our spaces, collections and caring staff can open the door to new knowledge. 

Jacalyn Kremer
Dean, Amelia V. Gallucci-Cirio Library