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The Open and Affordable Education Committee has received $20,000 in strategic funds from the University to award as Open Educational Resources (OER) Grants. 

To learn more about this grant opportunity, the Comittee invites you to attend the following online information session:

Friday, May 21, 10:00AM

Google Meet:

OERs are teaching, learning, and research resources that are free of cost and access barriers, and which also carry legal permission for open use.

Grants will also be awarded for the following OER projects:

  1. Replacing commercial textbooks/materials with OER or library online books, journals, and films
  2. Adapting (changing) existing OER
  3. Creating a new OER. 

Amounts vary by the following categories: 

  • Adoption - $500 grant 
  • Adaption of an open resource with adoption - $1,000  grant 
  • Creation of an open resource with adoption- $2,000  grant 

Applications are due by Friday, May 28, 2021. More details are available in the online application form at

Questions? Contact Connie Strittmatter (email: or Jackie Kremer (email: or visit the library’s OER guide at

Looking for some OER inspiration?  Read the latest OER Story featuring Dr. Peter Staab who discusses his 13 year journey creating materials for his courses.  View his story and others in the OER Stories series at

Open and Affordable Education Committee: Nicole Chelonis, Andrew Goodwin, Jackie Kremer, Laurie Link, Kerry McManus (student rep), Ricky Sethi, Jason Smith, Peter Staab, Lori Steckervetz (ex-officio), Connie Strittmatter, Collin Syfert, Kisha Tracy