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Join the Amelia V. Gallucci-Cirio Library and Fitchburg State Center for Italian Culture (CIC) for a celebration marking the the launch of the Michael Vincent Addorisio Family Collection

WHEN: Wednesday, June 1, 3:30-4:30pm

 WHERE: Presidents' Hall | Mazzaferro Center | Highland Avenue

Open to the public. Please note that external guests will be asked to attest they are free of COVID-19 symptoms and face coverings remain required in the library.

The Michael Vincent Addorisio (Addorizzi) Family Collection is a unique series of letters and other primary materials written by a son of the City of Fitchburg, Michael Vincent Addorisio (Addorizzi), to his family during his deployment in World War II.

The letters, postcards, and medals presented here depict a military life that was tragically cut short while serving on the USS Reid during World War II. Addorisio's letters describe his travels across the United States by train to his first duty station and his journey across the world by sea. 

This collection was carefully curated, preserved, and donated by CIC board member Rose Anne Addorisio, who is Mr. Addorisio's niece

The collection is now part of the Center for Italian Culture collections housed in the Fitchburg State University Archives. In addition to housing the physical items, the Archives has digitized and upload the materials so that they are accessible online at