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When: Wednesday, Nov. 29 from 7:00pm - 11:00pm

Where: 1st Floor of the Library

Do you have assignments due soon?  Don’t pull a stressed-out all-nighter on your own the last week of classes.  Join us in the library for a night of academic productivity.  Librarians, tutors, and academic coaches will be in the library until 11:00pm to help support and encourage you as we move into the final weeks of the semester.  

Visit a writing tutor for assistance with writing your research papers. Math tutors can help unravel the solutions to those math problems. Our academic coach can provide test prep strategies and help you formulate a game plan for the end of semester projects.  The librarians can help you locate resources for your research assignments and help with those pesky citations. 

Healthy study breaks will be provided throughout the evening.

  • snack break 
  • make a brain hat  (it gives new meaning to putting your thinking cap on!)
  • work on a puzzle
  • visit with some animals
  • take a stroll around the library by following the footsteps in the library
  • and much more.