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Starting in 2018, the Fitchburg State University’s Open and Affordable Education Committee, led by the Dean of the Library, Jackie Kremer, has worked to develop strategies and opportunities to reduce the cost of textbooks and course materials through increasing the adoption of Open Educational Resources, or OERs, across the campus curriculum. 

In spring 2020, the Committee was able to take a significant step towards reaching this goal when it was able to invite faculty to submit an application for a grant to help them adopt high quality, no cost, freely accessible resources into an upcoming course.  The Committee received 22 applications. 

Initially, the Committee was only able to fund 10 proposals.  However after receiving a $25,000 Davis Foundation Presidential grant, the committee was able to use a portion of the grant money to fund the remaining 12 proposals. During AY 20-21 at least 22 courses will be providing low or no cost course materials.

Proposals spanned across several departments including Communications Media, Biology, English, Nursing, Education, Math, Exercise and Sports Science, Earth and Geographic Sciences and Psychological Sciences.  This broad representation signals a growing commitment to providing affordable course materials to students.

To learn more about how some FSU faculty have adopted and applied OERs to their own courses, and their impact on reducing student costs, be sure to join us for the #TextBookBroke faculty-student panel discussion event on Tuesday, September 15th. For more information see: