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In celebration of the 125th anniversary of the University, the Library has several exhibitions chronicling the history of the University.  


Amelia Viola Gallucci-Cirio

Amelia Gallucci-Cirio was born in Fitchburg, Massachusetts on May 12, 1915. She earned her undergraduate degree in education from Fitchburg Teacher’s College in 1938.  Amelia Gallucci-Cirio was an active philanthropist with a focus on the study of Italian culture and language. Amongst her interests were the library and the Center for Italian Culture at Fitchburg State College. In 2002, she established an endowment in memory of her brother, Joseph L. Gallucci, and her husband, Henry A. Cirio, to provide special support for the study of Italian culture and language. In recognition of her support, the Fitchburg State College Library was named in her honor in September 2002. This exhibit, located in the Center for Italian Culture Study Room (Room 408), celebrates the life and accomplishments of Amelia Gallucci-Cirio.


University Banners

Each year, the graduating class designs a banner that is given to the University.  The banners represent the personality of the class.  Several banners ranging from 1909 to 2009 are currently on display from the 2nd floor railings.



Athletics at Fitchburg State

While athletic opportunities existed at the Fitchburg Normal School from its inception, a formal program was not developed until the 1912-1913 school year, when both men’s and women’s basket teams began competing against local high school and college teams. By 2012, Fitchburg State University supported fourteen intercollegiate men’s and women’s sports teams as well as a wide variety of intermural sports.  As of 2019, Fitchburg State University supports seventeen NCAA Division III teams.  This photograph exhibit highlights the history of athletics at Fitchburg State University and is located on the 1st floor of the Library.


Freedom of Speech? : Antonelli vs. Hammond, 1969

This exhibit, which is located at the entrance of the Library, highlights the landmark federal court case regarding censorship and student journalism. John Antonelli, editor of the student newspaper The Cycle, was the lead plaintiff on a lawsuit filed against College President James Hammond  who censored the publishing of an excerpt of Eldridge Cleaver’s novella “The Black Moochie”.  The case went to Federal District Court and was decided in the student’s favor. This exhibit highlights aspects of the case and includes several primary source documents.



Early Days of the Fitchburg Normal School

Located outside of the University Archives, this exhibition contains photographs of Normal School as well as photographs and descriptions of the thesis submitted by students of the Normal School.



Greetings from Fitchburg State

This postcard exhibit highlights the several iterations of the college campus from the late 1800s to the mid-1960s.  Several of the postcards include the verso containing the note sent to the recipient.  This collection was donated by Dr. Susan Williams (retired), History Dept., Fitchburg State University. This exhibit is located on the 2nd floor of the Library.