The Library utilizes various social media platforms, including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube to promote the Library’s services, resources, and programming, to the Fitchburg State University community, as well as the general public. The Library intends to not only make information about the Library accessible, but to create a means by which Library users, the FSU community and general public can provide feedback and seek assistance. 

Library-Created Content

Content posted to the official Library social media platforms are created and managed by designated library staff who have access to the Library social media accounts. 

When creating and posting content to the Library’s social media platforms, staff are expected to conduct themselves as representatives of both the Library and Fitchburg State University. All content posted to official social media accounts should reflect the mission and values of the institutional as well as the FSU General Social Media Guidelines. 

Content, which can include media, such as images or video, should incorporate the following best practices: 

  • Cultivating a relatable and respectful tone
  • Never posting derogatory or potentially offensive comments
  • Providing information and responding to users in accordance with the American Library Association's recommendations for Intellectual Freedom Principles for Academic Libraries
  • Posting only accurate material, citing when appropriate, and adhering to copyright laws
  • Crafting thoughtful posts that reflect our users’ needs and interests
  • Remaining sympathetic to the concerns of our community members

Public-Created Content

With the goal of creating an opportunity for engagement and community, the Library’s various social media platforms are open to the general public and comments, messages and other interactions are welcome across the Library’s various accounts. A posted comment is the opinion of the poster only, and publication of user comments does not imply endorsement or agreement by the Library.

While the Library recognizes and respects differences in opinion, please be aware that posts are moderated by Library staff. All comments should be relevant to the original post and the Library reserves the right to remove any comments or to turn off comments at any time. Reasons for post removal include, but are not limited to:

  • Defamatory language and/or language that promotes racist, sexist, homophobic, or transphobic content
  • Personal attacks, insults, threatening language, or obscenities
  • Willfully false statements
  • Private or personal information
  • Solicitation for business, for profit or for fundraising
  • Plagiarized materials
  • Comments or links that are not related to the content in the post

Followers that engage in the above may also be blocked from the Library’s social media platforms.


The Library reserves the right to follow or unfollow any other social media accounts. The Library will only “follow back” or “friend” any of the following sites/accounts/users:

  • Official Fitchburg State University sites/accounts/users
  • Unofficial Fitchburg State University related sites/accounts/users (only once verified)
  • Fitchburg State University partners when appropriate
  • Library or academic focused sites/accounts/users
  • Sites/accounts/users that are of interest to the Library’s followers
  • Non-commercial/non-profit sites/accounts/users

Created May 2022