The library is a center for learning that seeks to provide an environment that is friendly and comfortable.

Some patrons need a quiet study place to learn, while others learn best through group collaboration.

To create an environment that serves both styles of learners (the contemplative and the group-oriented), we have divided library areas into two distinct types of study zones-each with a different noise level expectation:

Quiet Study Zones

Intended to serve as a quiet sanctuary for readers and students who need to concentrate. In these zones only LOW-LEVEL talking is permitted.

Designated Quiet Study Zones:

  • 3rd and 4th Floor open areas
  • Library Instruction Lab (Lab, Room 101) – during posted Open Lab hours

Quiet Study Zones Restrictions:

  • No ongoing conversations, low tone/whispering if needed
  • No cell phones
  • No audible music through headphones/earbuds

Active Zones

Usually busy and noisy, these zones are intended for instructional and/or collaborative learning experiences as well as socializing with friends. Here, MODERATE-LEVEL talking is expected.

Active Zone:

  • 1st and 2nd floor open areas
  • Group study rooms (Please be considerate, rooms are not soundproof)
    • 2nd Floor: Joseph Louis Gallucci Room
    • 3rd Floor: Rooms 300,302,304,306E, 303D, 303E, 303F, 303G, 306B, 306C and 306D
    • 4th Floor: Rooms 400, 402, 404, 406 and the Center for Italian Culture
  • Media Room

Active Zone Restrictions:

  • Normal speaking voices are permitted, but please no shouting
  • Please refrain from playing music/videos loudly
  • Keep cell phone conversations to a minimum.