Display Guidelines 

Exhibits and displays should be related to the academic mission of the University. Prohibited uses and practices include:

  • Advertising
  • Commercial or financial reimbursement
  • Discussing or attaching a price and/or selling any item on display
  • Displaying or presenting material or equipment that library staff determines to be potentially dangerous to people or property 
  • Urging support for or opposition to any political candidate or political issue
  • Urging support for or opposition to any religion or religious belief

Exhibit Space - Types & Locations 
There are 4 flat 60” x 30” display cases and 4 vertical display cases available; all cases have locking mechanisms. There is also a built-in wall case with lighting located immediately inside the Library main entrance on the first floor.  Gallery rails for hanging artwork and photographs are located on the first, second and third floors of the library.  
Gallery space for the presentation of historical materials housed within the University Archives & Special Collections is available on the street level of the Hammond Building outside of room S04. Please contact the University archivist or the Dean of the Library for additional information. 

General Guidelines 
Generally, the displays and exhibits are temporary and may extend for up to one semester. Displays must be set up within two days of the start date and must be removed by the end of the agreed-upon period. If the display remains in place beyond the deadline, items will be removed and/or disposed of at the discretion of the Dean of the Library.
The sponsoring group or individual will be responsible for providing any necessary permissions or authorizations for exhibit of selected materials.
The person(s) providing the display materials must set up and remove displays. Library staff may assist if asked.
Library staff is not responsible for ongoing maintenance of the display.
The individual or a representative of the sponsoring organization will be asked to complete the request form and agree to abide by these policies and guidelines.  The Dean of the Library reserves the right to refuse to exhibit or remove any display that does not comply with these policies and guidelines.

Publicity will be the responsibility of the sponsoring individual or organization.

Security & Liability 
The Sponsoring Group, not Library staff, will be held responsible for the loss or damage to items on display. Precautions will be taken to safeguard exhibits.  Any concerns over insurance, possible damage or theft should be discussed in advance by the exhibitor and the library staff.

Sponsorship or Endorsement 
Use of the Gallucci-Cirio Library display space by an organization or individual does not constitute Library sponsorship or endorsement of that organization or individual, or the viewpoints or activities that are being exhibited.

Supplies & Signage 
The exhibitor will be responsible for providing supplies and producing appropriate signage for the display. The exhibitor must include a sign indicating sponsor/provider/creator of the display.