Academic Integrity and Plagiarism

From the FSU Student Handbook (pages 45-46)

“Every member of the university community is expected to maintain the highest standards of academic integrity.  A student shall not submit work that is falsified or is not the result of the student’s own effort.  

A student who is in doubt regarding standards of academic integrity in a course or assignment should consult the faculty member responsible for that course or assignment before submitting the work.  A student’s lack of understanding of the academic integrity policy is not a valid defense to a charge of academic dishonesty.  

A student’s name on any written or creative exercise (e.g., examination, report, thesis, theme, laboratory report, computer program, artistic production, etc.), or in association with an oral presentation, declares that the work is the result of that student’s own thought and study.  

Any work that the student declares as his or her own shall be stated in the student’s own words and produced without the assistance of others.  Students must make clear through accurate citations when they make use of other sources.”

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