Faculty may use copyrighted materials in some areas of instruction under the fair use exemption. Whether and how copyrighted materials may be used under this exemption depends on several factors, including:

  • Where the materials will be used (i.e. online or in the classroom)
  • How much of the material will be used 
  • By whom (enrolled students)
  • For what purpose
  • How long will the material be made available
  • Protection from abuse (appropriate firewall security)

To facilitate understanding of and adherence to copyright law with regard to instructional materials, the university has appointed a member of the faculty/librarian cohort to act as Copyright Liaison. Visit the Copyright research guide for additional information

For current information on the issues related to copyright and fair use, please consult the following, available in eBook and/or print format through the library:

  • Crews, K. D. (2020). Copyright law for librarians and educators: Creative Strategies and practical solutions. (4th ed.). ALA editions.  Available in print (KF2995.C74 2020, 4th floor). 
  • Netanel, N. W. (2018). Copyright: What everyone needs to know. Oxford University Press. Available as an ebook
  • Butler, R. C. (2011). Copyright for teachers and librarians in the 21st Century.  Neal-Schuman Publishers, Inc.  Available in print (KF2995.B885 2011, 4th floor).
  • Sun, J. C. & Baez, B. (2009). Intellectual property in the information age: Knowledge as commodity and its legal implications for higher education.  Jossey-Bass Publishing. Available in print (KF2979.S86 2009, 4th floor).