Each academic department has a librarian liaison assigned to it. The liaison’s role is to connect you and your students to library services, collections and resources that support academics on campus.

If you are unsure who to contact, please email the Research Help Desk at reference@fitchburgstate.edu and a librarian will be able to direct you to your librarian liaison. 

Current Departmental Liaisons:

Behavioral Sciences – Olivia Rossetti
Biology/Chemistry – Lori Steckervetz
Business – Connie Strittmatter
Communications Media/Game Design – Sherry Packard
Computer Science – Sherry Packard
Earth & Geographic Sciences - Lori Steckervetz
Economics, History & Political Science (EHPS) – Eamon Toohey (Spring 2024)
Education –  Olivia Rossetti (Spring 2024)
Engineering Technology – Connie Strittmatter
English Studies – Eamon Toohey (Spring 2024)
Exercise and Sport Science – Lori Steckervetz
Humanities & Interdisciplinary Studies - Olivia Rossetti
Mathematics – Lori Steckervetz
Nursing – Linda LeBlanc
Psychological Science – Lori Steckervetz

Contact your liaison for:

  • Instruction services for your classes or research projects (online and in person).
  • A tailored research LibGuide Research Guides for your class that highlights specific library and research tools for your assignments.
  • Help in creating or tailoring assignments that make the most of library resources.
  • Ordering specific books and media to add to the library's collections. 
  • Academic and research support for you and your students.
  • Questions related to the library and our services.

We also:

  • Develop and maintain the library collection in your discipline.
  • Inform you of new tools or emerging technologies that support research.
  • Assist with department reviews and accreditation visits as they relate to library resources and services.