Database Access Help

Fitchburg State University faculty, students and staff will now use their University issued Falcon Key ID to login via our proxy server from off campus.

When you click on a link to any library database or online Journal from off campus, you will be prompted to enter your Falcon Key ID. (This is the same one used for accessing Blackboard).

You will only be prompted to login once for each online session.

Faculty/Staff: Use your Falcon Key to login.

  • Your username & password are the same as your email credentials. (i.e. "jsmith"), and are also the same as what you use to access Blackboard.

Students: Use your Falcon Key to login.

  • Your username is the same as your email username (i.e. "jsmith").

  • For your password, use the last six digits of your Banner Student ID number. This number can be found under the barcode on your One Card, on your class schedule, and on your student bill.

When logging in from off campus, you should see a screen that looks like this.

FITC Off Campus Access

If you can access this screen, but keep getting a message saying that your password is incorrect, first verify that you are entering your credentials properly. If these do not work, please contact the Help Desk to have your password reset.

If you do NOT see this screen, see below for possible answers/solutions to this problem.

Cannot access the login screen

  • If you are not seeing a login screen at all, this is most likely being caused by a firewall. (Note: if you are only getting these errors for only one particular database, but others are working, please contact us directly at or at (978)-665-3223, or by the chat window on the upper right of this page with the name of the resource).

  • If you are trying to connect to the internet through your workplace, or a school, it could be that the administrators have blocked certain ports for security reasons. 

  • If you are accessing this from home and the firewall is something you yourself installed, please make sure that ports 2443 and 8080 are open. 

"Cookie" errors

Our proxy server uses "cookies" when you connect to them to verify that you are an authorized user. Often various ad blocking software can block cookies.  If your browser reports an error receiving a "cookie," you must enable cookies in your browser.

Pop-ups being blocked

If you are finding that links are not working or you get a message that states that a pop-up has been blocked, please add an exception for the given database or site. Typically there is a button on the top of the page near where it tells you that it has been blocked which will enable you to add an exception.

JavaScript not enabled

For some resources, JavaScript is required in order for them to work. Please make sure that it is enabled for your browser. This setting is typically under Tools – Options.

Password not being accepted

Access to databases and most journals is restricted to members of the Fitchburg State University community. If you are not a Fitchburg State student, faculty, or staff member, you will not be able to access these resources. 

Still not working?

There is always a chance that the problem may be on our end. Of course, at any time you can Chat with us, and we will attempt to assist you.

Need more help?

  • Extended Campus students who have not received a Banner Student ID number or Falcon Key because their paperwork is in process, please contact the Access Services Librarian at or (978) 665-3062 for a temporary guest account you can use.